Things To Do

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave is one of the longest and most complex caves in the world. Named for barometric winds at its entrance, this maze of passages is home to boxwork, a unique formation rarely found elsewhere.

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs SD
© Michael Kirk

The Mammoth Site

In 1974, six mammoth skeletons were discovered by accident. It continues to this day as an active excavation site.

Angostura Recreation Area

Angostura is a water-lover’s haven with breathtaking, scenic views. Offering crystal clear waters, 36 miles of shoreline, and some of the finest sandy beaches in the state.


The rugged beauty of the Badlands draws visitors from around the world. These striking geologic deposits contain one of the world’s richest fossil beds. Ancient horses and rhinos once roamed here.

Mount Rushmore

From the history of the first inhabitants to the diversity of America today, Mount Rushmore brings visitors face to face with the rich heritage we all share.

Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial is an in-progress monument dedicated to the Oglala Lakota war leader, Crazy Horse. He remains as one of the most iconic tribal leaders.

Custer State Park

The granite peaks and rolling plains are calling. The clear mountain waters are inviting and the open ranges are waiting to be discovered. Bring your family to Custer State Park and let yourself run wild. 

Devil's Tower

The Tower is an astounding geologic feature that protrudes out of the prairie surrounding the Black Hills. It is considered sacred by Northern Plains Indians and indigenous people.

Evans Plunge

Evans Plunge is a natural mineral springs, and is the oldest tourist attraction in South Dakota. It was used for thousands of years by the Lakota and the Cheyenne communities.